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HOQ Newsletter - October 2019 - Edition 4

Property Budget Highlights

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The Minister of Finance has just read out the Malta Budget for 2020 and the property market measures announced are expected to be very well received. The following highlights are just a few initiatives from the Minister’s speech:

  • The first time buyer scheme currently in force has been extended and made further attractive

  • The Exemption on Stamp Duty for first time buyers has been bumped up from €150,000 to €175,000

  • Property purchased in Urban Conservation Areas will be subject to 2.5% stamp duty instead of €5%

  • Property purchased in Gozo will be subject to 2% stamp duty only

  • Any gains up to €100,000 on assigned properties will be taxed at a flat rate of 15%

  • Second time buyers scheme has been renewed. Up to €3,000 stamp duty refund.

Alex Papagiorcopulo

Branch Manager

Click on the link above for more highlights.


The northern part of the island is becoming increasingly popular amongst locals and ex-pats alike and Southridge is certainly one of the developments that has managed to attract attention from the start.


The complex offers a myriad of key selling propositions : stunning and unique, unspoiled views like no others on the island, proximity to some of Malta’s most popular beaches, spacious and well-presented apartments, excellent finishes, large terraces and excellent natural lighting amongst others. Adding to the attractiveness of this development is the fact that the complex is a Special Designated Area, allowing non-residents to purchase units in the complex without any restrictions or required permits. Purchasers can then let them out, expecting to receive attractive rates of return. The units are selling at a rapid rate, so get in touch with us soonest for immediate viewing, before they’re all gone!


Take a peep at the latest Frank Salt Real Estate Property Magazine and whilst at it, feel free to browse through our Refined Living Publication, bringing you some of the island's most spectacular homes.

This publication contains active links which will take you to the web site for more information and pictures of any of the properties you may like.



Malta is a small island and one's neighbours are rarely further than a stone’s throw away. Not in this case... in fact, there is nothing, (if anything) like this on "The Rock"!


Perched on the edge of a cliff and having over 100,000 square meters of land attached to the property including a private beach, the views from this unique property are absolutely stunning, as is the sunset right in front of the house.Top local designers worked hard on this exquisitely converted 4 bedroom home which enjoys various chill-out areas on the terraced grounds and large pool and deck area. This property is not just one of Malta’s best properties but surely qualifies as one the most unique gems in the whole of the Mediterranean.


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